The Hottest Menswear... On a Dog

Menswear Dog

If you're confused as to whether or not something is going to look good on you (or your man, since us men are so apt to avoid almost everything that has to do with fashion trends or style in general), you have to go look at the Menswear Dog Tumblr account. The account offers up unique looks at all the latest and greatest trends in menswear and, much to my complete delight; the clothes are fitted on a dog. While this might be a near-perfect recipe for internet stardom, cats might have been a slightly better choice; however, I can't imagine a cat being okay with this.


This is exactly what we love about Tumblr – people doing strange, yet amazing things. Today we discovered Menswear Dog, a new menswear Tumblr blog that styles dogs in the latest and greatest that men’s fashion has to offer. Who knew our four legged friends could look so stylish?

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Michael P.

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