'The Icons' by Love Brand & Co., fresh swimwear for this summer

'The Icons' by Love Brand & Co.

'The Icons' by Love Brand & Co

Love Brand & Co., the British label synonymous with state-of-the-art swimwear, is delighted to present “The Icons”, a rainbow of sophisticated colours selected by Oliver Tomalin, Founder and Creative Director.

“The Icons” are 8 soft and fresh block coloured swimming trunks, with a delicate wash, tailored for a relaxed and stylish fit and an elegant European cut above the knee, made from a high-quality and quick drying fabric, part of the debut Collection “Trunks for Trunks” – Swimming trunks for endangered elephants!

All “The Icons” are available across 7 sizes (XXS-XXL) with a RRP of £68 for boys and £118 for men. Each a perfect gift, luxuriously wrapped in a travel drawstring pouch and presented in a unique re-usable white tube.

Love Brand & Co., following the concept of “bisociation”, donates 5 % of its gross profits to Elephant Family charity.


Love Brand & Co.

'Not every man wears pink, but they should', Oliver Tomalin, Creative Director.
Love Brand & Co.

Bold Inspired by the red coral of Barbados.
Love Brand & Co.

Evocative of the spices and Oliver's experiences of India.
Love Brand & Co.

Sunny and citrus.
Love Brand & Co.

Vivid and abundant greens of summer.
Love Brand & Co.

The colour of tropical waters.
Love Brand & Co.

Worn as if bleached by the sun
Love Brand & Co.

British blue and also inspired by the brillian feathers of Oliver's peacock, Percy!

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