The Importance of Choosing the Right Barber

Valet Magazine

Men take a lot more pride in their hair than they like to admit, and there's one thing we should keep our eyes open for in this regard: the right barber. Avoid Supercuts like the plague (something I wish I had realized years ago) and go find a traditional setting where you can be comfortable and come out looking like a million bucks; don't be afraid to shop around for your grooming needs, this is your look - nay, your life - we're talking about here. 


Get a bad haircut and you're marred for a month, if not longer. According to J.P. Mastey, the grooming guru behind Baxter of California, a haircut should be an easy, relaxing experience—a ritual that results in a better you every six weeks. So when the brand decided to open their own barbershop two years ago, they made a place you'd want to come back to. "It's everything you expect to find in an authentic old school barber," says Mastey, not some slick chop house. Read More

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