The Legacy of the Luxuoris Tissot Watches

Founded back in 1853 by Swiss watchmakers,Tissot watcheshave won the hearts of many in every corner of the world. Their trademark slogan, “innovators by tradition”, explains why they have continued to be a widely felt, international force in the watch industry. They are exceptionally proud of their rich heritage and have pioneered many materials and techniques that numerous watch manufacturers continue to adopt in their new releases. They have a rich history of innovation, which has enabled this brand of timepieces to become a premier brand in the global scene.

Tissot the watches we like

Tissot has a very rich history as far as the making of classic timepieces is concerned. In 1993, they made the first mass made pocket watch in the world. They also pioneered the making of the first ever pocket timepiece which had a display with two time zones. In 1929, they also made history when they made the world’s first anti-magnetic pocket timepiece, thus cementing their position as an industry leader. OtherTissot watcheswhich have continued to showcase their great sense of innovation include the initial plastic timepieces, the initial stone ones and wood ones created in 1971, 1985 and 1988 respectively.

Tissot T-Touch Series

Perhaps the most incredible timepieces to be made by Tissot are the current T-Touch series. These highly unique models come with dials that are touch sensitive and showcase the best use of technology in watch making. Users of these timepieces are able to access a wide range of data effortlessly and rapidly thanks to the touch sensitive, hi-tech sapphire glasses of these T-Touch models. In addition, there are many other capabilities that one can easily access with theseTissot watchesincluding thermometers, compasses, altimeters and barometers.

The enterprise responsible for creating these iconic pieces is headquartered in Le Locle in Switzerland. It has since its inception been a part of the well-known Swatch Group. Their brands of watches are sold in over 150 countries around the world. Having been in this business since 1983, the Swatch Group is the largest producer of timepieces in the global market and has distribution centers in more places than you might probably imagine.Tissot watchescome in a wide range and appeal to a large selection of people regardless of their tastes and preferences. Their make include also the super tech, practical sport timepieces.

Sport Sponsorship

Tissot watcheshave gained a great popularity all over the world due to the large number of sporting events sponsored by Tissot. They have taken the functions of official timekeepers in many events. They are well known for sponsoring the NASCAR racing sport which is incredibly popular in the USA and other parts of the world.

Each Tissot watch is made with the intention of pleasing the owner in terms of high quality and affordable price. Compared to other brands of timepieces available on the market, Tissot represents a very affordable and luxurious brand that showcases great excellence in all aspects.

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