The Liddel Transforms Los Angeles' Wilshire Corridor

The Liddel

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In the late 1950s, the Wilshire Corridor was sprinkled with mid-rise luxury apartment buildings. By the 1970s, as property values increased, some of those apartment buildings were converted to cooperatives, and other smaller buildings were raised to make room for high-rise condominiums. Success in selling those condominiums led to the rash of projects in the early 1980s; however, Los Angeles’ famed Golden Mile remained relatively stagnant in the years to follow—until recently.

Attracting international elite, young Hollywood stars and business moguls alike, the winding two-mile stretch is currently undergoing a transformation that is restoring the historic location’s glamour and glory.

The Liddel, set to be complete in late 2017, will hit the market as one of the first high-design residential developments to debut along LA’s Wilshire Corridor. Designed by famed interior architect Jamie Bush as his “California love letter to modern living,” The Liddel caters to a more adventurous and spirited buyer with high style and high standards, modernizing the Golden Mile’s traditional, older buildings with a refined contemporary take on California living.

As soon as you step into The Liddel, you know this is going to be a different experience. The entrance and welcoming salon blend into one another, serving as a contemporary common area with fresh greens, creams and pops of color. The wine room is also dynamic, yet intimate, with beautifully patterned, aubergine tile floors, ebonized oak walls and brass. The architectural rhythm and patterns give a unique design aspect to the spaces, but they are also playful and casual, with furnishings that serve as an extension of the architecture itself– including pieces of art designed and made by Bush himself.

The Liddel is an alluring masterpiece designed to entice world-traveled urbanites. It reflects Bush’s commitment to approaching each new commission with a discerning and insightful point of view.

Featuring a collection of 56 residences and highly-curated, private amenities that are more adventurous in style and spirit, the Liddel aesthetically blends with the Wilshire Corridor, yet creates a new experience within.

Construction is well underway and expected to be complete in December 2017.

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