The Luxe Workout: Getting Fit and Reaching Your Peak Potential

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How would you like to reach your peak potential?

The optimum 21st century workout helps you to align with your inner design. The gyms of the future will not use out-dated machines and equipment that dictate the movements of your body to fit with the programming. The workout of the future will be specifically geared to your personal body needs. No more noisy, grinding machines, no more dehumanizing workouts that make the body keep up without intuitive interaction.

Top athletes in their field know that reaching their peak potential takes hard work, time and talent. Maximizing their potential to peak performance involves more than sweat equity. It is about working smarter, not harder.

Revolution In Motion's advanced exercise program empowers you to reach your highest level faster, safer, and longer than any method available. This scientifically designed, tested and proven system lets you achieve peak performance with less effort, whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or Monday morning quarterback. This is true luxury, and the freedom to workout without constraints of antiquated machines and old-world paradigms of fitness.

The key point is to lead the body to align with its inner design.

The body has its own inner alignment and sense memory. The difference between this method and all other methods is that your body will lead you to what it needs rather than imposing an inaccurate set of workouts that do not meet its current necessities.

This is a precise method that attunes with your own body, personally designed to match its needs.

RIM’s founder, Dr. Edythe Heus has applied her over 30 years’ experience to develop a way for achievers to advance, heal and protect their fitness as they push their performance to new levels. For the last decade Dr. Heus has fine tuned RIM with an elite group whose success relies on gaining and preserving a competitive edge – Olympians, top tier individual athletes and teams in the pro leagues, high powered executives, Hollywood celebrities and their stunt doubles, and most recently dancers and performers in Broadway’s most physically demanding production, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. All of them experienced dramatic improvements.

One client remarked after the first session, "I felt freedom in my tense areas, I felt an openness in areas that were shut down and tight, I felt alive and excited and hopeful. What I learned from Dr. Heus is that as the body ages, it goes into lock down in parts where it is stressed and injured and then it affects the whole system and everything has to compensate for the injury or shut down. So my feet affected my quadriceps, my inner knees did not support my thighs and also went up to the groin. The body is a whole system and my lower left lumbar is unsteady. Now I know what needs to be done to heal and look forward to working it out with Dr. Heus"

Now with the opening of the first RIM Fitness Studio in midtown Manhattan, a wider public has the opportunity to gain the advantages the elite enjoy. In addition, Dr. Heus is opening up a new location in Calabasas and the south bay area of California. They offer a variety of semi private group routines (limited to 8 people), personal sessions, certification programs for trainers and physical therapists who want to treat their clients most effectively. Now there is even a new special class for women’s sexual empowerment!

Another inspired client remarked that "After my session I felt more energy in my body, more freedom and the desire to PLAY. This work allows the body to feel more freedom and less fear, which is the best place to begin to play and have fun. Most exerciser routines tense the muscles, keep them in a pumped up state-then relaxed-then pumped. This used my body to create a whole body experience that afforded me the luxury to play again, like a kid."

Dr. Edythe Heus has been featured in several major publications including the Oprah Magazine and on national broadcasts. As an extraordinarily gifted healer who, over 30 years of enlightened practice, has advanced her training as a chiropractor and kinesiologist to such a level that she routinely achieves transformations in her patients’ health where others have failed.

For top elite professional athletes the entertainment and fashion celebs, music and business pros, Dr. Heus is the go-to-gal for healing. She is known for the precision and accuracy of her insights, her direct treatment of the root cause and the rapid, lasting improvements they experience. Performers from Spiderman: Turn off the Dark use RevInMo to get into peak physical shape and meet their role’s physical demands.

The breakthrough RevInMo program has also been featured in Vogue,The Oprah Magazine and Time Out New York.

Revolution in Motion (RevInMo) devotees are quickly hooked. Former Rockette and client-turned-trainer Mary Ellen Greco commented, “Twenty-one years as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette and Broadway dancer has taken a toll on my body. After just one session of RevInMo, my posture changed and I experienced a feeling of lightness that I hadn’t had in years. I’m dancing as though I were ten years younger! The difference was so profound that I decided to become a certified RevInMo instructor and share this extraordinary healing technique with others.”

While most 'trainers' are still operating with a twentieth century mindset, RIM's revolutionary mind/body technique is in alignment with the future of fitness. With the scientifically tested RIM training system, clients heal old injuries and learn how to use the right muscles and get the right tone for optimum performance. Grace, explosiveness, core strength evolve by working from the inside out.

"These movements unify body, mind and spirit in a way that is extremely profound, activating and strengthening the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual core. This core becomes the foundation for power, balance, responsiveness, and harmony."

"Manifestation of this mastery is freedom from pain and restrictions/limitations, prevention/ reduction of injury/obstacles and the achievement of majestic athleticism, joyfulness, harmony, peace and gratitude."

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