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The Magic of Water Creatures

Life has simply become an ugly thing these days, and by ďuglyĒ, well, I mean hideous Ė yes, you can go as far as that. You only need to take the newspapers or turn on your television to see in what kind of a world we live in. Constant mass murders, serial killers on the loose, bombardments in third world countries, natural disasters everywhere, just to name a few. It is all, simply, dreadful, and you canít get away from it, even though itís not happening in our own backyards. We should feel lucky that itís not, but still, itís not pleasant to think about it, or to look at it by all means. At one point you start thinking that, since we canít do much about it, there is no reason for us to be constantly upset over it, now, is there?

The answer is: no, there isnít! We should always look on the bright side of life, as the comedians of Monty Pythonís Flying Circus would say. We should try and make our lives more beautiful, as life is short and there is no reason not to make it nice. People do this all the time, from persistently trying to find that ďoneĒ person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives, to little, mundane things, like buying yourself a nice book, or a new component for your old computer, or anything else that you really like. Itís how it has always been working, as it is in our very core of being, to live like that, to just shut ourselves out from all the bad things and live peacefully and quietly.

It is obvious that you need things to take your mind off of all that bad stuff thatís going on around us and relax. And the thing that I found that is really soothing for me is my aquarium. Yes, it is well known that your pet can help when you are feeling down or in similar situations. But, fishes? People ask me that constantly, they always point out how stupid it is to have pets with which you can do nothing actually, but I always say how that is the exact point of them! I donít need them to do anything; I just want them so simply be there, because there is something genuinely magical about their very motion in the water. The simplicity of their being is what should attract you to them. Nothing else is important. Then, they tell me how expensive they are to maintain, and I provide them with an answer Ė the same way I did before. Money does not matter when you have that magic, and Iím sure that you would like to have that, too. So, if you are thinking about getting pets, get fish, because they are certainly the ones that you need.

As I have already said, money is not important. Buy all the things they need, because it is worth it. You can get an aquarium or even a pond for them Ė both are great. Then, think about the filters and the pumps, which practically do all the jobs related to keeping the water clean, by themselves. Now, I talked about their simplicity, so Iím going to back that up with the food they need which is as simple as they are, and thus is feeding them. Once you take care of all that you can choose, if you want, to get other things such as vacuums for your ponds or just further embellish the scenery with some nice LED lights. They go with ponds and with aquariums. If the fish themselves are not beautiful enough, than get an aquarium with a nice dťcor in it so that even the fish would enjoy the panorama and not just you.

Seeing that all of this is not really much, Iím sure that it wonít be a problem for anyone to have fishes as their pets. And even if you donít need pets, you should still get fish, for the reasons that I have already mentioned Ė their magic being the most important one. And that will surely take your mind off of things and help you enjoy the beautiful and bright side of life.

Ivan Dimitrijevic

Ivan Dimitrijevic has his focus on blogging as well as Social Media marketing. Among other things he had articles published that consider a wide range...(Read More)

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