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The Maverick Flying Car - Where Would You Go?

A recent post about the Maverick Flying Car got me wondering, if I had a flying car and could (theoretically) go wherever I wanted and fly over or through anywhere I wanted, where would I go? After much serious deliberation, Iíve concluded that there are three locations that I would fly through right away if I had the chance.

First, I would drive through the Grand Canyon. As the Maverick Flying Car goes about 40mph, I figure Iíd be going slow enough to enjoy the scenery and quick enough to keep it exciting. Even still, I imagine 3 or 4 passes through the canyon would suffice and I would soon make my way to my next destination.

Second, after making my way to South America, I would take off in my flying car while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Iíd make a few circles around the massive statue of Christ and then make my way over the city and ocean-side cliffs.

Third, Iíd go straight to TokyoÖ Or New YorkÖ Maybe Paris or Sydney. Okay, maybe my mind isnít so well made up for the third location but I do know that itíd definitely be a big city where I could weave through the buildings and get a literal birdís-eye view.

Where would you go?

Jade Cohen

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