The Most Expensive Luxury Locations: 3 Destinations that will Wow you

Let’s face facts, you don’t have to be a miser to want to save money on your travels.

In fact, even if you’re swimming in luxurious hotels and a decadent lifestyle, it makes sense not to pay over the odds for anything, including your travel money. Many people pay far too much when it comes to paying for things abroad, while there are some luxury travel locations and international cities that are known to stretch the even the most affluent of financial budgets. For anyone looking to enjoy the finest luxury that overseas destinations have to offer, they must be prepared to spend heavily and seek out savings wherever possible.

The Top 3 Luxury Destinations from Around the World

Leading travel resource TripAdvisor recently released a survey that detailed the most expensive luxury travel resorts from around the world. Let’s take a look at the results and where you will be expected to spend your money: -

The City of Oslo, Norway

Surprisingly, the Norwegian capital of Oslo topped the list as the world’s costliest city. While this is primarily due to the fact that it is famous for not importing products from abroad, it is also home to a number of luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants. On average, it was calculated that a one night stay at a regional four or five start hotel, a single tai journey and dinner for two would cost the typical luxury travel enthusiast £381.28. The Norwegian currency (Kroner) is also relatively costly when compared to the pound or euro, so you will need to take the time to identify the most competitive rates of exchange.

The Villa Bellissima VI in Tuscany

In terms of sheer luxury, the 800-year old farming village of Bellissima VI sits on the rural hillside of Siena in Tuscany. While the location has been newly restored, the vast majority of its structures have been left largely untouched as a way of maintaining the destinations unique sense of identity. Tuscany itself is already renowned as an extremely luxurious and costly place to visit, and the Villa Bellissima is perhaps the most obvious embodiment of this. With 22 suits and 4 beautifully presented Tuscan farmhouses, it is a unique destination that represents a once in a lifetime experience for international travellers.

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Palms Casino, Las Vegas

If you have almost unlimited disposable income and are in search for the most incredible luxury travel experience, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Las Vegas is the ideal destination for you. This resort has actually been modelled on the Playboy Mansion, and features a total of three bedrooms, an eight-foot rotating bed, s private spa room and some of the world’s most spectacular water features. On a more fundamental level, this destination also offers an incredible view of the famous Las Vegas strip, meaning that you can enjoy the ultimate luxury experience in one of the most carefree regions of the world.


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