The Most Fun You Can Have in a San Diego Bar

I try my best not to be hyperbolic or exaggerate any of my experiences when writing about locations; however, I may be doing a disservice to The Shout House by trying to explain just how fun this place is as I donít think there are any words in the English language that can truly convey the nature of this San Diego bar and entertainment hotspot.

The musicians that perform at The Shout House are absolutely superb and play music by request. Whatís most impressive about them, though, is that not only are they great with multiple instruments, they are also wickedly witty and undeniably hilarious.

This is definitely the kind of place that youíll want to partake in a few drinks as well, with beer being the star of the show with The Shout Houseís ďBig-Ass Beer,Ē however, the experienced bartenders will have no problem crafting your favorite cocktail or frozen-alcoholic beverage.

Rather than try to go into any further detail about this amazingly entertaining bar, Iíll just leave you with a huge recommendation that you try it out the next time youíre in San Diego. You wonít be disappointed.

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