The most luxury building designs in the world

The 10 Most Luxury Building Designs in the World

Advancements in technology and the innovative design concepts of architects is changing the face of some of the major cities on the planet and awe-inspiring engineering programmes are delivering luxury buildings for business, public and residential use. Here is our top ten of the most luxury building designs in the world.

Luxury in Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the first and only 7-star hotel in the world - although its star rating is often debated. Its building design however, cannot be contested – a magnificent swirling mast that mimics the sail of a ship. Rising up out of the Arabian Gulf at a height of 321m, this majestic tower is the fourth tallest hotel in the world and offers guests stunning views of Dubai´s delicious coastline.

The Bow luxury building design

The Bow building in Calgary, Canada takes its name from its curved shape and is the new headquarters of Cenovus Energy who are clearly leading by example. The design of the building negated the need to use as much steel as would ordinarily have been used for a building this size and the tower is completely environmentally sustainable.

The luxury Beekman Tower

The stainless steel surface of the Beekman Tower has ripples which actually mean that no two stories of this building are alike. This luxury boutique hotel is in Manhattan´s mid-town east side has a dining room on the 26th floor and offers scenic views of the Big Apple.

Tower Verre

The extraordinary Tower Verre skyscraper is every bit the artistic design concept of the MoMa gallery space it is intended to house. Reaching 1,155 feet into the Manhattan skyline it tops the Chrysler building in height and will also be used as luxury apartments and a hotel.

Sinosteel international plaza

Located in Tianjing, China, the Sinosteel stands 1,174 feet tall. To the casual observer, the honeycomb exterior may look like a sick joke aimed at the busy bee construction workers, but there actual purpose is to regulate the heat of the building depending on wind and solar direction.

Al Hamra tower

The Al Hamra Tower is located in beautiful Arabian Gulf of Kuwait and provides shoppers and cinema goers with astonishing views across the bay. Standing at 1,354ft it is the tallest sculptured building in the world and has a fanciful reflective and curved exterior.

Guangzhou TV and sightseeing tower

The spiraling Guangzhou tower in China has open air observation decks on both its waist and at the very top. Inside visitors are treated to revolving restaurants, conference halls, art spaces, shops movie theatres and broadcasting facilities.

International commerce center

The interesting fact about the International Commerce Center is the tower had to be shortened in height because the regulations in Hong Kong do not permit towers to be taller than the surrounding mountains. The rule is something of a mystery, but as a result the architects had to reduce the height of their skyscraper to a paltry 1,5333ft – the fourth tallest building in the world.

The Federation tower

The distinctive Federation Tower in Moscow is another building inspired by the sails of a ship and actually consists of two towers connected by several walkways. The east tower is for offices while the west tower is a hotel and apartments.

Chicago Spire

The Chicago Spire is the most environmentally friendly building in the world and features rainwater for the landscaping, river water to cool the building and special glass to prevent migrating birds nesting, it´s the tallest residential tower in the world and despite is revolutionary eco-systems provides owners with luxury comforts that match is luxury design.

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