The Pompadour Returns

Jenny McCarthy rocks a pompadour

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Originating from the 18th century, the pompadour has been a part of the world's fashion scene for literally hundreds of years. Lately, we're seeing both male and female celebrities rock the pompadour much to the chagrin of many while everyone else is absolutely reveling in their return. From Justin Bieber to Alicia Keys, there's no sign of a slowdown to this centuries-old trend.


The saying goes that when it comes to clothing and hairstyles, everything trendy eventually comes back into fashion. That's certainly true of the pompadour hairstyle, which, more than 250 years after it originally became popular, is having another moment. Jenny McCarthy was the latest star to rock the look as she walked the red carpet at the 2012 American Music Awards on Sunday, but she's far from the first to try out the trend, even in this decade. Celebrities such as One Direction's Zayn Malik, Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, Alicia Keys, and Justin Bieber have all tried out the retro style that somehow manages to be totally modern. Read More


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