The price of new glasses getting you down?

Every couple of years most spectacle wearers will be back at their optician for a check-up. More often than not the prescription is different from the last time you had your eyes checked and a new pair of glasses are suggested. For some people, this brings a welcome change – the chance to try a new style or get the latest designer glasses.


But what if you had designer frames last time your prescription changed? They may well have cost you a small fortune and you might be reluctant to spend out again. It may be that you just can’t afford to replace your glasses; after all, times are hard. So, what do you do? Leave your glasses as they are and risk damaging your eyesight? Opt for a cheap, unfashionable pair of glasses that will do the job but make you look like a nerd? All you really want to do is “reglaze my glasses” but your High Street optician seems reluctant to do that.


Well, there could be an answer. There are some on-line opticians who are happy to reglaze your glasses for far less than the cost of even a cheap pair of glasses from a High Street optician. Not only that, it’s easy to do and very convenient.


No more making a special trip to town to visit the optician in the High Street


It typically takes two or three appointments to obtain your new spectacles from your High Street optician. If you live or work out of town you may have to make a special journey each time paying fares or car parking. You may even have to take time off work! This all adds to the cost of your glasses if you are making special trips.


What about accessibility?


We aren’t all ‘with it’ youngsters who can dash around the shops. Some people, especially the elderly or disabled, have real issues getting to the High Street. Unfortunately, it is often this section of society who needs the services of an optician as eyesight deteriorates with age. Just imagine for a moment how difficult this small task is for someone who has mobility issues – not easy is it?


Old favourites


While considering the elderly and disabled another issue arises – that of change. The old spectacles are familiar and fit your face, why should you have to change them? For some elderly people familiarity is key to their survival. The smallest changes can be upsetting and disorientating. Having an option to “reglaze my glasses” is a genuine aid to many people.

It couldn’t be easier


Once you have found an on-line supplier of prescription lenses, you simply request a pack and send off your old frames and new prescription. Some of these companies actually supply the very same High Street optician that you generally use, so you can be assured of good quality lenses. Their experts will generally ring you so that you can get the best advice on the lenses which are right for you.

If you want to “reglaze my glasses” for less money and less inconvenience, start searching on-line now.


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