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cinematic new york

cinematic new york

Roll out the red carpet and put on the projector screen! Prepare food and drink for a fancy dress ball in honor of the legendary Oscar. Great theme for the party was vintage Hollywood, where glamor and fame always defined by the subtle elegance of the brightest stars. Are you the host or one of the guests, you will not have to look far for a lot of fancy dress costumes for women to wear at the party.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly with Film buffs everywhere recognize the scene with a slim woman dressed in a long black evening dress, a pair of large dark shades covering half his face, and before eating croissant shop window in Tiffany, the famous jeweler in New York. With graceful inclination of her coiffed head, it looks like the diamond earrings and necklaces, displayed on black velvet. This is Holly Golightly, Truman Capote novel hero, in which Audrey Hepburn to American cultural icon.

Girls with slim construction and swanlike grace can pull off the same look with the empire reduce sleeveless black dress, a pair of long black gloves, and choker pearl. Bring in one hair coif and ends with a pair of large dark glasses to wash away the morning Sun Submission croissant and a cup of coffee high is optional.

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cinematic new york

cinematic new york


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