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The right to have a good life

The sun setting to soon for some

Mindy Summer Love

Everyone especially our children deserve a good life so when their is a disease that has no cure & no treatments for the condition & all that child is left with treatments that just don't work as they were deisigned for something else so as one human to another I'd like to ask you to go to the link to find out more about this condition. Their is this little boy & he's being depreived of so much of life & living without pain so I implore you all to see this boy & how he is managing to stay strong. As a parent this has to be one of the worst fears a parent has! 
NFE California International Marathon 2012 - General Donation
Come on it's a good cause & pretty pretty please help this lil man out!!!

Michelle Piner's Personal Page for NFE California International Marathon 2012

Michelle Piner's Personal Page for NFE California International Marathon 2012 


As you can probably see that I travel quite a bit to Hawaii & do shoots every time I go. I grew up modeling privately and chose to go public when I was 19. I've model now without being linked to any company I have been doing freelance & photo shoots. That isn't my whole life though! I design jewelry privately & my client list is kept confidential! I also & write lyrics & sing, that is really...(Read More)

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