The Significant Difference between Samsung S3 And S4



In the last couple of years, the devices of Samsung are the yardsticks in the Smartphone industry. The devices are also popular in the business sector of Android. This is the reason due to which you regularly compare the Samsung devices with the mobiles that are produced by other manufacturers. A new device has been launched by Samsung, and it is called Samsung Galaxy S IV. It is the fourth version of the Galaxy S series. It is equipped with the exciting and distinct features. The design of this Smartphone is fully sealed, along with water and dust protection. If you want to buy this model, it is essential to check the Samsung Galaxy S IV price, as well as features.You can check the price at different online retailers in order to get the best deal.


The Galaxy S III version that was released by Samsung in 2012 was quite popular among all the Smartphones. It is also a success among all the Android lovers. With the release of this version, its credentials have been proved by the manufacturers that they are the leader in Smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S III price has been slashed by the manufacturers in order to make way for Galaxy S4. It will also help to clear the old stock in order to accommodate the latest model. Some of the features that make the Galaxy S IV different from S III are mentioned below.


Screen Size


The screen of Galaxy S4 has a 1920 x 1080 display. On the other hand, Galaxy S3 has a 1280 x 720 display. The difference can be felt while using the phones. The screen of S3 is of 4.8 inches. The screen of S4 is of 5 inches. The dimensions of both models are kept same by Samsung so that you won’t face any difficulty in using S4.


Design and outlook


The design and outlook of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 is similar. Both the models will quite similar that makes it difficult to identify one from the other. But, the minor difference is S4 is thin and narrow to some extent as compared to its predecessor.




The hardware of Galaxy S4 is quite superior and advanced as compared to Galaxy S3. S4 is equipped with the Snapdragon quad core processor. The memory capacity is 2GB. On the other hand, Galaxy S3 is equipped with the dual-core process. The memory capacity is 1GB. The performance of both the models will be same, at the time of normal use. However, you can see the difference in speed while running the applications.




It is quite understandable that the Samsung Galaxy S IV price will be high as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III price. This is due to the fact that Galaxy S4 has additional features than S3. It is also the latest Smartphone that is released by Samsung. If you want to buy these phones, you can compare the features and prices of the two models on various online websites. You can get the best deal that will help you to buy the one that will suit your budget.

The release of Galaxy S IV by Samsung has made it difficult for many Smartphone owners to make a choice. This is because the Samsung Galaxy S III price has been slashed. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S IV price is slightly on the higher side. But, the new and exciting features of S4 have made it the preferred option among the Smartphone users. Thus, if you want to purchase these models, you need to search the various features and price that will suit your requirements.

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