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Let Peruvian Virgin hair extensions weave the magic of beauty
By: sophia   |    November 21, 2012   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

No woman is ever satisfied with her hair. Your hair speaks volumes about you, not just about your sense of style but also your personality. With fashion trends changing by the minute, there are a million hair styles to choose from. From silky, straight hair one day to smooth, shiny curls the next day, a woman’s hair desire list is endless. Hair extensions are a huge boon in the hair styling industry to let you add length to your hair within a sitting instead of waiting for it to grow, by which time it would already be out of fashion. But then again, hair extensions are available in various types, so how do you select the best one for you?

Why Peruvian virgin hair extensions are your ultimate choice?

While shopping for hair extensions, one very important factor that you will need to consider is its weight, where Peruvian virgin hair extensions certainly excel. Extremely light and soft, these high quality extensions could very well be made into a wig, and you would not notice them at all! You need not worry about the excess weight your head will need to support with these extensions, irrespective of how many bundles you plan to get. It is soft to touch and will make you want to keep touching your hair all day long.

Luxurious and stylish: style your hair anyway you like

If you could maybe use one word for these Peruvian virgin hair extensions, it would be luxurious. Shiny and smooth, they look even better than they feel. The texture of these extensions, though slightly coarser than Indian and Brazilian hair, is extremely rich. Easy to blend in with your current hair, you can use these extensions without having to think too much about them looking fake or unmatched. Especially compatible with Caucasian hair textures and African- American hair types, these Peruvian virgin hair extensions have their luster ranging between medium and low.

Forget extra care and caution with Peruvian virgin hair extensions

Most people shy from hair extensions due to the level of maintenance and care needed. With the Peruvian virgin hair extensions, extra attention is absolutely unnecessary. No special shampoos or different combs, all you need to do is pay attention to your hair and keep it healthy. Treat it as you would your natural hair and that’s all you will need to do.

For long lasting shine and luster, some tips that you can follow include:

·         Wash your hair (including extensions) with a shampoo and follow it up with a replenishing conditioner. No different from washing your natural hair, you can go the extra mile with your conditioner, since it helps preserve the shine of your extensions.

·         Keep away from heat. Heat, either from straighteners or blow-dryers are bad for your hair in excess, and this applies to extensions too. Too much exposure to heat can damage your hair.

·         If you choose to colour your extensions, deep conditioning is a must after you wash the bleach off. Bleaches are strong and steal your hair moisture which is replenished by conditioning. 

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