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The Tea Cosy of Brighton, UK
By: Shane Jones   |    June 11, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Maia C

If you're looking for an authentic British tea experience, The Tea Cosy may just be the restaurant for you. Located in Brighton, UK, itís a tea house with a traditional twist. The focus of the establishment is to bring the authentic English tea-drinking experience to life in an age where tradition seems to fly out the window. The Tea Cosy is a throwback to the late 19th and early 20th century, when good manners and propriety were not only acceptable, but admired.

Unique Dťcor in Fitting Tribute

Some appreciate the dťcor while others might raise their eyebrows at it, but one thing is clear: the establishment holds the Royal Family in high esteem. Just as the dentists Glendale, AZ residents visit might display bizarre combinations of pearly whites all over their offices, English royalty memorabilia covers the place floor to ceiling. Union Jack tablecloths even drape some of the tables.

Suitable Service

Service is prompt and polite, but not particularly friendly, as one would expect in a somewhat stuffy English tea house. The owners, like the family dentists Glendale, AZ citizens patronize, pride themselves on offering their customers excellent service and products. When you receive the menu, you'll not only find cakes, sandwiches, scones and teas, but a lesson on manners as well. They detail a list of rules to help you behave properly in the establishment while drinking your tea.

Elegant Etiquette

You must follow the rules of etiquette, and this includes putting your cell phone away. Your mother's words will ring in your ear with their "No elbows on the table" rule. Keep your negative opinions about the Royal Family to yourself, too, because dissident opinions are forbidden. Remember to place your spoon correctly after you're finished stirring and never dunk your biscuit into your tea.

Unfortunately, if you'd like the high tea experience, you'll need a companion. They don't do it for just one person. They name their selections after the Royal Family and popular places in British culture. For example, the William and Kate Selection offers smoked salmon, chicken and cucumber finger sandwiches, scones with traditional cream and jam, a slice of cake and a pot of tea with one free refill. There's also a vegetarian version of the William and Kate Selection.

Although it may seem stressful to keep up with all the rules, The Tea Cosy is a unique and, at times, bizarre place that you must try if you're visiting Brighton. It's all about the atmosphere. Despite the formality and rules of The Tea Cosy, the prices are surprisingly affordable. If on a trip to England, itís a great choice for those who want the high tea experience with a little quirky charm included.

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