The Todd Snyder, Champion Collaboration

Todd Snyder

If you asked me whom I thought Todd Snyder would do his next collaboration with, there would have been about a zero percent chance that I would have guessed the athletic garment manufacturer Champion. Even still, the clothes look extremely comfortable and have a warm vintage feel, probably creating the best thing Champion will (help) put out all year.

Unveiled at PROJECT NY on January 21, Todd Snyder’s collaboration with Champion was truly one of the stars of the show. Drawing from Champion’s vast amount of sales catalogs and vintage samples, Todd added his own spin on classic pieces by tailoring them with a modern aesthetic.

The full collection includes garment dyed t-shirts, vintage thermal long-sleeve crews, sweats, merino wool varsity sweaters, waxed duffle coats, modern wool flannel varsity jackets done in athletic heathers and loden olives, a hooded marsh coat made of Japanese brushless fleece, a pair of knit cargos, and button fly pants made from a heavy athletic jersey trimmed with chino fabric. Read More

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