The Top Six Most Beautiful Florida Properties

Florida is well-known for luxurious properties and sprawling estates. With major cities such as Miami offering easy access to many popular beaches and plenty of amenities like Disney World, the state is a major attraction for many property buyers. Here's a look at a few of the most beautiful properties in Florida.

6. PGA National Resort and Spa: A Golfer's Paradise

When it comes to golfing, the PGA National Tour is a major event. It's no surprise then that the PGA National Resort and Spa, home to the annual PGA TOUR Honda Classic, is one of the most impressive golf resorts in the state of Florida. With five golf courses in the premier location of West Palm Beach in the upscale Palm Beach Gardens community, the PGA National Resort and Spa offers ample views, a top-notch beauty spa, seven restaurants and various walking paths to take in the scenery.

5. Deering Estate: Breathtaking Views of Biscayne Bay

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The massive, 444-acre Deering Estate is a well-known property situated along the exquisite Biscayne Bay. Named after its original owner, Charles Deering, the Deering Estate sat vacant for nearly 60 years following his death in 1927. Today, it's a historical, environmental and archeological preserve offering daily tours of the property's immaculately kept homes.

4. Universal Orlando Resort: Filmmaking and Media Hub

For those looking at buying new homes in the Orlando, Florida area, there are some impressive resorts and amenities nearby, including the famous Universal Orlando Resort. Comprising Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, this resort boasts a multitude of tourist attractions including the Hard Rock Café Orlando, the Hard Rock Hotel and Royal Pacific Resort. This sprawling property offers visitors impressive and breathtaking views of the Orlando scenery, as well as the chance to catch filming and media productions in action.

3. The Kennedy Compound: The Winter White House

Known as the "Winter White House" during the Kennedy administration, The Kennedy Compound is officially named "La Guerida," which translates to "bounty of war." The property, originally built in 1923, was sold to Joseph Kennedy in 1933. New York banker John K. Castle purchased the estate in 1995 for a cool $5 million and has since preserved it for its historic significance.

2. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: Luxury Living Next to the Action

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Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is nothing short of a massive castle equipped to offer a luxury experience for guests. With access to the beach, boat rentals and incredible ocean views, this resort is conveniently located right next to the Disney World action while simultaneously offering a luxurious and relaxing beach vacation experience.

1. The Flagler Museum: A Sprawling Mansion with Rich History

Whitehall, the home of oil baron and Florida developer Henry Flagler, is a massive estate with an entryway large enough that a typical suburban home would fit inside it. An enormous ballroom, Flagler's private railroad car, and an exquisite pipe organ are just a few of the many appealing visual elements found on this property. The 55-room sprawling mansion, which has been called "The Taj Mahal of North America," is open for public tours.

Florida is an attraction to potential home buyers thanks to its breathtaking ocean views and easy access to the many area beaches. These six properties represent just a few of the many impressive estates, resorts and properties in the Sunshine State.


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