The top ten most popular sauces of all time

bulk sauces

bulk sauces

When buying bulk sauces, there are plenty of choices available. As there are many wholesale sauces to pick from, a family or a business owner has a lot to consider when going to a Cash and Carry. Restaurants and family homes can buy a wholesale sauce from a Cash and Carry and there are many which are more popular than others. Here’s what should be put in a shopping trolley:

Tomato ketchup

A versatile sauce, tomato ketchup is perfect for chicken burgers and hamburgers. Young children love tomato ketchup because it can be used for dipping fish fingers in. It is also popular with adults because ketchup can be added to a doner kebab which is bought from a fast food outlet.


Just like ketchup, mayonnaise is a popular sauce with those who are at a barbeque. It can also be added to chips and drizzled over a salad. Mayonnaise can have a high fat content but there are many low fat variations available which are healthier.

Salad cream

Salad cream is a very tasty sauce, especially when it is added to several layers of lettuce and cucumbers or tomatoes. Salad cream can be spicier by adding black pepper.

Chilli sauce

Chilli sauce that is made from Dorset Naga’s or Habanero Chilli’s is very popular. Hot chilli sauce isn’t the only flavour available. This is because a mild chilli sauce can be purchased. Therefore, young children can enjoy chilli sauce without setting their mouths on fire. 

BBQ sauce

Meat for a barbeque can be put into a foil tray and covered in BBQ sauce. This method of cooking is popular in America’s Deep South but other countries have embraced it. BBQ Sauce can also be added to a hamburger which has been cooked over a grill.

Steak sauce

There are many types of steak sauce. Just like with chilli sauce, steak sauce can be as hot as someone wants. By covering a steak with sauce, it will provide a taste sensation.

Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce can be added to vegetables and also meat dishes. There are many varieties of Hollandaise sauce, such as those which have crème fraiche or horse radish.


One of the best well-loved sauces in the world, there are many types of mustard available such as French and wholegrain. The latter is typically very spicy and can be added to a sandwich that has cheese and/or meat in it.

Brown sauce

There are many dishes which brown sauce is perfect for. Full English Breakfasts and baked beans can have brown sauce and also a cheese sandwich.

Soya sauce

Popular in China and western countries, soya sauce can accompany a variety of dishes. It can also be added to give flavour to a bland dish. Soya sauce can also be applied to fish-based dishes, such as salmon. When lemon and soya sauce is added to the same piece of fish, it will be very enjoyable as a result. It is also a key ingredient when making soups and bread can be dipped in it.

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