The Trendiest Colors for Spring 2014 in Fashion and Accessories

Spring is just around the corner, although you may not be able to tell that by the inclement weather. And with the spring come the new tendencies and trends in fashion and accessories. One of the hottest topics in the last few months has been the colors that are expected to be trending for the fashion Spring 2014. Pantone, which has been a global authority on color in the fashion world in the last 20 plus years, has scoured the fashion podium and has outlined the prevalent color trends for the coming season. Here are the highlights of what we can expect to be “in” this spring.

"This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations."

The designers are embracing the soft pastel colors and coupling them with bright hues to achieve stunning and vivid combinations and contrasts not only in the clothing fashion, but in the accessories for the spring, too. Ladies fashion has been influenced by this trend right up to such accessories like the timepieces, with the new lines of prominent brands like Fossil and Casio watches readily embracing the hot color trends. Let’s take a detailed look at the most trending colors and hues.

Pastel and Neutral Colors

There are three pastels in the cool end of the spectrum that stand out this spring and they can be combined quite creatively to come up with stunning results: the tranquil and calming vibe of the Placid Blue; the Hemlock hue of green which, with its summery feel, contrasts the green hues which were popular in the last few seasons; and the Violet Tulip – a romantic purple hue that induces nostalgia. These three hues can be coupled with brighter and bolder colors to achieve a mesmerizing fashion statement. Apart from the latest designer clothing lines, these pastels can be clearly seen in many accessories, too. They are heavily used in bags and shoes, headbands and jewelry and even watches. The latest lineup of Fossil, for instance, has a few models in romantic pastel violet and blue hues.

The neutrals are represented strongly by two beautiful hues this season. The earthly Sand hue evokes memories of the beach and the coming summer, whereas Paloma is the quintessence of neutral color and can be combined with any other color for a dazzling effect. In the accessory fashion, a great example of such a combination is one of the new releases in the lineup of Casio watches, in which we see this timeless neutral hue combined with vibrant neon green accents.

Warm and Bold Tones

At the other end of the spectrum we can see a few warmer tones trending this spring and summer, too. Cayenne red is one of the exciting and spicy warm hues that you will certainly notice around you this season. Freesia, a bold yellow hue, is another one, which can surely liven up your wardrobe. Its energetic vibe and warmth make it perfect for balancing the cooler neutrals. Perhaps the most prominent place will be taken by Celosia Orange, though, as orange is proving to be the new black this season. The glaring vibrancy of these warm hues cancomplement and balance the neutral and cool hues for a wonderful ensemble.

The list of trending colors this spring is completed by two bold neon hues that serve as counterparts to the pastels in the cool end of the palette. Dazzling Blue is a saturated blue hue that invokes thoughtfulness and calmness, much like the Placid Blue, and Radiant Orchid, a hue close to fuchsia in the palette, is a vibrant and bold answer to the pastel Violet Tulip. These two hues can be perfectly combined with pastels and neutrals, and why not the other trending bold warm tones too – that would certainly bring out mesmerizing combinations. Fossil, for instance, has adopted the bold blue and purple hues heavily in its latest spring collection of timepieces in combinations with gentle rose gold and silver bracelets.

We can already see these colors and their neighboring hues in the palette represented in some of the collections of the most prominent fashion houses and designer brands like MaxMara, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and many more. The designers of jewelry, accessories and watches have caught up with the trend, too, and as we can see, even accessories like Fossil and Casio watches can be found in the hottest colors for the season. This guarantees you a completely trendy look from head to toe, without compromising on your fashion conscience in any of the parts of your attire.



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