The Unsung Stalwarts of Men's Fashion

Unsung Men of Fashion


Men's fashion is a bizarre industry, with everything from miniskirts to handbags trying to break into the scene. Thankfully there are a few men we can look towards that understand how to look simultaneously masculine and artistic, but you'll almost never hear them praised for it. Well, it's about time someone said thank you and gave them some recognition. We need someone to look towards, after all!

Hip-hop has its fashion stalwarts—we don't need to name drop, you know who they are. Then there are dudes lauded by lifestyle mags and street style bloggers for their immaculate sartorial tastes. And yes, there's a distinctive difference between the two: while one gets all the praise (think Ye making headlines when he rocked Céline), the other lays under the radar, always instinctively well put together, even when only wearing basic denim and a simple pullover. (Read On and Check out the Gallery)

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