The Used Nissan Micra: Five Revealing Reviews You Must Read

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Similar to a well-endowed female, the Nissan Micra is designed with distinctive curves and bulges in all the right places. Presented in a petite and stylish little athletic-like package, this car showcases its succinct detailing that gives it its flair. The interior of the Nissan Micra is fitted with colourful patterns, and the driver moves with ease and comfort because of the remarkable leg and head room. The car is easy to drive and has rightly been regarded as the little car with big ideas.

Whether you are motoring around in the city or out on an open road the Nissan Micra is right at home, owning wherever it roams so it always feels like it belongs. This is made possible by a combination of the latest technology and superb designing. If you are looking at used cars to purchase for light travel needs the Nissan Micra is an ideal choice.

The Driving Experience

Driving the Nissan Micra is by no means a complex activity. It is as straightforward as simply getting behind the wheel and driving. The driver has easy access to the switchgears and other instruments while being able to handle the steering which is always accurate and controlled. The dimensions of the small car make it easy to simply zip in and out of a parking space which means parking is a breeze. The driver moves with confidence as he/she feel the car respond to their every move.

Interior Features

The Nissan Micra is impressively equipped with some of the latest driving gears and will not disappoint on comfort. The owner will enjoy a lot of storage space, MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth communications, CD player, powered windows and mirrors, air-conditioning and 60/40 split folding rear seats.

5 Reviews About the Nissan Micra

Here are some of the things people had to say about the Nissan Micra.


TopGear seemed impressed with everything except the styling of the car. They rated it as an excellent little car that you would buy for your daughter because it will 'never go wrong' and will not attract boys. They were impressed with the ability of the little car to soak up the bumps in the road just like a bigger car therefore giving it high ratings for comfort. On the point of performance the car also got top ratings for the right choice of engine (the 1.5-litre diesel) as a number of petrol can be used and retained the top speed performance while delivering on an impressive 60mpg. Other areas in which the car was given top ratings include quality, handling, practicality and running cost. TopGear saw the Nissan Micra as a cool car "that cares far more about being good than actually looking good."


AutoExpress gave the Nissan Micra top ratings as a car that gave value for money, had roomy cabin and standard kit. They were not impressed with its interior as they saw it as being 'dated', its design was viewed as uninspiring and the dynamics as being outdated. They noted that the car was reliable and that it was able to compete with cars such as the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. The style of the Nissan Micra was given a three star rating, driving over four stars, reliability over three stars, practicality and running cost four stars.

Parkers in the UK

This reviewer gave the Nissan Micra an overall rating of three stars. The pros in their opinion were that the car was cheap to run, easy to park, and gave low emissions while the cons were that it was of a low quality. They were not impressed with its interior, poor handling ability and noisy CVT gearbox.

Verdict on Cars

This reviewer also gave the Nissan Micra a three star rating. They saw it as a decent supermini even though it was smaller and less practical than its more modern rivals. They also rated it as being a nice car to drive and it is cheap to run. In their opinion the interior was very well constructed, with a decent driving position and an impressive little chassis.

The downside for them was due to the car's relative lack of space as opposed to its more modern rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa and Fiat Grande Punt. Verdict on Cars were not impressed with the room given for rear seat occupants and its tiny boot. They considered the cars standard equipment as being decent which makes up for its deficiencies. The car's performance and use of petrol found favor with the reviewer.


The lowest rating for the Nissan Micra came from this reviewer who gave it a two star rating. They see it as a car that is affordable and suitable for basic transport. The pros for them were its light steering, tight turning circle, and good visibility which make it easy to drive. They noted that its low emissions made it cheap to run. They were not impressed with the comfort of the ride, the handling, and the overall refinement and cabin quality.

The Nissan Micra got an overall rating as an affordable car that delivers on performance. It is one of the most highly rated used cars that is ideal for your motoring needs around the city and for picking up the kids from school. The Nissan Micra is even ideal for a trip out on the open roads.


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