There's a Point Where Style Must Yield To Utility

Ankle Hazzard


And Helen Flanagan has crossed it. Don't get me wrong, I love a lady in stylish shoes, but risking your ankles in a pair of platforms on uneven trails has left the realm of style and entered the realm of dangerous overcompensation. Flanagan's otherwise sporty outfit was easy to appreciate, though the over-sized scarf was almost completely necessary. In all, Flanagan needs a lesson in function over form, because while it doesn't always apply, it certainly does when your health is concerned.

One can only assume that Helen Flanagan’s stylist has been given her marching orders.


The former Coronation Street star was spotted taking a solitary stroll through the woods on Thursday – but while her black leggings and black vest top perfectly suited a brisk walk across hilly terrain, her choice of footwear was questionable, to say the least.


Having opted to take a therapeutic walk around Alderley Edge in Cheshire, Helen made a fashion faux pas in choosing to team her gym-kit with the kind of shoes best suited for shopping at the Trafford Centre – platform trainers. (Read More)


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