These Tips Will Skyrocket Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Fact! EVERYONE has psychic abilities. Another fact! A LOT of you are having that “For REAL?!” expression on your face after having read my first statement. And you know what, to put things on another level, more than just all of us having psychic abilities, there ARE WAYS for us to actually improve it!


Interesting, isn’t it?


The thing is, just like in music and the arts, not everyone is well in tune with their psychic abilities. There are actually exercises and tips that can help you increase your psychic abilities.


If that’s what you’re hoping to learn about. As I can imagine so since you started reading this guide after reading what the title has to say, then this guide is definitely what you’re looking for.


Without further adieu…


Acknowledge the ability and tell yourself that you’re a psychic DAILY!


There is a psychology behind doing constant and repetitive self talk.


The more you repeat something, the more your brain changes (physically) since it “rewires” itself to whatever thing it is that you keep on repeating.


It’s for this reason (among many others) that athletes who play basketball are usually better at others when it comes to playing the sport. Their brain has been so “rewired” it it that their aptitude towards the game becomes higher than others.


You can then apply that same exact principle in your psychic abilities. The more you acknowledge and tell yourself EVERYDAY that you’re a psychic, your brain starts to “rewire” itself ultimately helping you become a better psychic.


Maintain a positive disposition in life.


More than just being happy and contented, having a good/happy disposition is a very effective way of improving your psychic abilities.


This makes perfect sense since negativity, stress and worry usually gets in the way of your focus of the supernatural.




Before we even start talking about meditation, it’s crucial that you understand that there is no right and wrong way when it comes to performing meditation.


The important point there is that you are able to focus your mind and are able to relax.


The more you practice meditation, you will then start to realize the existence of your spiritual energy which is crucial in helping you connect with your spiritual self.


The more connected you are with your spiritual self, the better your psychic ability becomes.

There are TONS of other techniques that can help you improve your psychic abilities. Perhaps another one that’s worth mentioning is talking to other psychics as well. You can get first hand tips from psychics and learn from their experience in growth.


May it be tarot reading, psychometry or dream reading, all of these are within your grasp. These psychic abilities aren’t impossible to achieve. You have only to practice and improve your psychic abilities so you can reach the next level of your abilities.


Anything you’d like to share?

If you have questions, ideas, or perhaps suggestions that you’d like to share, you can do so in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. Cheers!


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