Things To Do In North West England

Are your weekends becoming eventless and boring? Get out of the house and visit some of these fantastic sites in the North West of England! With so much to do, you’d be mad not to jump in the car and explore our favourite attractions. Bring the family along too and create some lasting memories together

Manchester Art Gallery

Art-lovers, Manchester has the best collection of paintings in the North West. Make a day of it and enjoy the massive 37 watercolours painted by Turner and some of the best pieces of Pre-Raphaelite art in the country.

If your tastes run to more contemporary artists, there are masterpieces by Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon on display. After immersing yourself in the paintings and drawings of some of the finest artists who ever lived, finish with a bite to eat in one of Manchester’s fantastic restaurants, or explore the many museums and galleries Manchester city has to offer. 

Speke Hall

One of the finest surviving wattle-and-daub Tudor manor houses of its kind, Speke Hall has had a tumultuous history. Built in 1530, Speke Hall included priest holes and an eavesdrop (a small hole which allowed servants to listen in on conversations). After Queen Elizabeth I made Catholicism treasonous, sympathisers would hide Papist priests in secret cabinets, integrated into the house. 

In the main building, there are two Yew trees that are between 500 and 100 years old – they are commonly nicknamed Adam and Eve. Sample Speke Hall’s famous Wet Nelly dish for yourself and take the recipe home – it’s like a little slice of 16th century bliss. 

Lancaster Castle

Overlooking the river Lune, Lancaster Castle stands on a Roman fort. Seeing as the castle is still used as a prison, deep archaeological excavation has been put aside, so no-one truly knows the history of this fortification. In 1612, the infamous Pendle witch trial took place at Lancaster, which led to ten people being sentenced to death and hanged on the moor. Through the ages, Lancaster Castle was to become known as the court which put more people to death than any other in the country. 

The oldest part of the castle remains the last line of defence, the Keep. It’s thought to date back to the 12th century. Take a tour around this grand building and learn about Lancaster Castle’s rich history. 


For a day of retail therapy, head to Chester and treat yourself. Take a walk around the city along the walls which began their construction between 70 and 80 AD by the Romans. Chester is full of ancient treasure, like the amphitheatre and the Roman Gardens. Stop off in one of the many bars and restaurants to relax after your day spent dipping into architectural wonders. 

The Magical Mystery Tour

Are you a Beatles addict? Hop on the Magical Mystery Tour bus and spend 2 hours of fun, finding out interesting information about your favourite band, as well as visiting their old schools and homes. See some of the places which inspired their internationally acclaimed songs, like Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Finish up in the famous Cavern Club and take a little souvenir home with you.

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