Thinking About Attending a Music Festival? Take the Luxurious Route!

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Every year, at least 60,000 festivalgoers make a pilgrimage to Manchester, Tennessee, and camp out on an expansive farm that’s home to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Although an outdoor weekend in the sweltering heat might not seem very luxurious, there are now options that could help you get a festival experience that’s far better than the norm and won’t ever make you resort to using a filthy port-a-john or wait in an endlessly long line just for the privilege of taking a shower.


Beyond VIP


Since the beginning, the festival has promoted a jubilant atmosphere that lets people forget their cares and take a break from reality. If you have a day job where you sell CNC machines in the milling industry or handle customer service in a call center, Bonnaroo is your chance to momentarily trade your job for a weekend of luxury. It’s been possible to buy VIP festival tickets for several years. These passes include deluxe bathrooms and showers, designated concert viewing platforms, and even places to charge a laptop.


However, in recent years, festival staff members have realized that it’s time to offer an even more opulent experience, and they’ve done so with their appropriately named “Roll Like A Rock Star” package.


This option comes with a private tour bus that’ll transport you around the festival grounds. Throughout the weekend, it’s your home on wheels, and includes perks like a flat-screen TV, two air-conditioned lounge areas, plus specially prepared gourmet meals for you and your traveling companions.


Mingling With the Bands


People who opt for a standard festival experience often go to great lengths to even reach the festival grounds. They come from all over the country, and even other parts of the world, often loaded down with all their possessions on their back, telling tales of how they’ve had to sell personal and work-related possessions to cover the cost of their ticket. Indeed, nothing spells “dedication” quite like putting up a used lathe machine for sale in PA to afford the festival ticket, or hitchhiking from Canada to Tennessee.


Display devotion in your own way by taking advantage of all the band-related luxuries that come with the “Roll Like A Rock Star” package. Instead of resigning yourself to a spot in a muddy field several hundred feet back from the stage, the luxury package affords you permission to actually watch musical performances while standing onstage.


Between sets, get refreshed at one of the backstage hospitality tents, where you’ll find tempting appetizers and an open bar to quench your thirst. There’s a good chance you may get to rub elbows with some of the performers, too.


A few years ago, musical festivals and the luxury lifestyle certainly didn’t go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, festival organizers have realized creative and worthwhile ways to make the musical festival experience enticing for anyone who loves to be pampered while rocking out to the hottest bands.

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