Three Must See Destinations in the Far East


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If you are thinking of taking a trip to the Fast East in the near future you are on your way to making a brilliant choice. As we know, the Far East is full of stunning locations and wherever you choose to spend your holiday you can rest assured that your adventure will be filled with memories that will live with you forever. With such a vast choice of options available to you, and such a range of culture and opportunities to take in we decided to look at the three must see destinations in the Far East which have something for everyone.


Singapore is an island country which is made up of a total of 63 islands and although you won’t be able to take in all 63 Singapore is also only separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor which offers a completely set of delights if you wish to visit. Whether you want to embrace yourself in the urban culture of Singapore City or visit slightly more secluded locations than Singapore can offer it all. For a feel of real Singapore a visit to a Hawker Centre during your stay is a must. It is a known fact that eating where the locals eat usually delivers the most delicious food and locals flock back day in day out to Hawker Centres through Singapore for authentic Asian dishes.  

For stunning views they don’t come much better than the summit of Bukit Timah, the highest point in Singapore, known as the district filled with famous inhabitants your time will not only be spent taking in the beautiful views but star spotting as well.


Malaysia is renowned as one of the most pleasant and relaxing destinations to visit in the world. It offers the perfect holiday for anyone looking for warm, sandy beaches, mouth watering scenery and a laid back, friendly and warm culture. When you aren’t relaxing and enjoying Malaysia’s gorgeous climate, sights such as The Petronas Twin Towers, formerly the world’s tallest buildings and the Mulu Caves can’t be missed.

 If sightseeing doesn’t catch your fancy than the Langkawi Islands certainly will, located just 20 miles off mainland Malaysia the islands offer some spectacular sights from incredible beaches to mountains and jungle covered hills, Langkawi Islands cater for any sort of visitor and are truly unmissable.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the busiest port in the world, with the streams of visitors coming and going adding to the already vibrant atmosphere created by the locals Hong Kong is a wonderfully dynamic destination. Known mainly for business there is far more to Hong Kong than the business district although that should be experienced as well. If you are looking for a trip filled with excitement, amazing restaurants and shopping that’s hard to beat, than Hong Kong is the destination for you.

One of the most unique attractions in Hong Kong is The Peak. Only reachable by a tram ride, Victoria Peak will greet you with stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the city below, the perfect photo opportunity both during the day and at night. The business heart and Victoria Harbour is full of buzz with skyscrapers littering the skyline and there are delights around every corner however if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city than the outlying islands are made for you, known as Hong Kong’s playground they’re countless treasures to be found from Disneyland, SkyCity and the famous Giant Buddah.

As we said the Far East really does have something for everyone. To truly take in all that the Far East has to offer your best bet is to look in to the different types of multi centre holidays available. A multi centre holiday will allow you to take in a number of destinations in one of the world’s most beautiful corners ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

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