Three of the Best Luxury Garden Themes

It’s becoming more and more popular for properties with large outdoor spaces to transform their back yards into something special. Elaborate themes and carefully thought out landscaping designs are amongst the most popular ways to create a luxurious looking garden, so we’ve put together a guide to our favourites.

Moroccan Magic

The Moroccan themed garden is all about color and accessories. Forget structured seating and perfectly placed flowerbeds and focus on comfort. Low seating and lots of plush, vibrantly colored cushions are what you should be going for if you want to achieve this look. It may not seem particularly luxurious, but wooden pallets stacked at different levels and topped with custom made cushions will create the perfect relaxed vibe. Top it off with bright hues of purple, pink, orange and blue mixed with shiny silver candle holders and wooden accessories.

Modern Living

The modern garden is all about practicality and creating a fun and sociable space for the family. An area of wooden decking is perfect for placing close to the house to create a place for outdoor dining and barbeques. If you have a swimming pool, then the wood plastic garden decking from Dura Composites is perfect for when the kids are running around after swimming, as it’ll be protected from water damage. A vegetable patch makes the final finishing touch to any garden designed for modern living, as growing your own produce is becoming more and more of a trend with families looking to be a little kinder to the environment.

Country Bumpkin

For those who prefer a more rustic style, the country-esque vibe is really taking off at the moment. White, shabby chic garden furniture and natural stone paving slabs are the staple things to invest in, whilst wooden trellising and up-cycled plant pots are welcome additions. As for foliage, it’s important to keep things looking natural, so plants and flowers that grow locally are perfect. Place trellising on the side of sheds or walls and allow ivy to climb it to create a natural, slightly overgrown feel to your garden. Avoid making anything look too perfect, as the relaxed and shabby chic effect is the way to go if you want to channel the country bumpkin vibe in your back yard.

If you want to indulge even further into luxury garden trends to gather more inspiration, then check out this Pinterest board for some seriously enviable back yards.


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