Tips from the Diamond Exchange: How to Keep Diamond Jewelry Looking Its Best?

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It’s no secret that there is no other substance on Earth tougher than a diamond. Other than its natural glitter and beauty, its toughness is the next biggest factor why is has been cherished as the symbol of love and success for ages in across many nations. However, even with its renowned durability, the oil coming from an unpretentious touch of the human hand could easily smear dirt to a diamond making it less sparkling.

As a diamond owner, you want nothing more but to ensure the longevity of your precious stone so you could either pass it down to the next generation or make a profit on it as an investment. Fortunately for you today, below is a collection of valuable tips you can keep in order to care for your diamond properly. These tips came from the Diamond exchange, which is considered an authority on that topic of how can we keep diamonds looking at their best always.

Hold your diamond scantily

Diamonds naturally attract grease and magnet. When a person handles them, they turn into magnet of soot and dust. Couple those two with the oil naturally secreted by our skin, and then we get an ugly mixture that alters how our diamonds looks. With that said, always handle diamonds with care so that you minimize these unflattering effects.

Turn diamond cleaning into a habit

Even though diamonds are nearly indestructible, they aren’t impervious to dirt. Hence, if you want them looking at their best, you’ll have to clean them regularly. Cleaning diamonds is fairly easy and straight forward. In fact, any ammonia-based cleaning solution, which every household probably has can remove the oil and dirt collected by your diamonds. All you have to do is soak your diamonds in the solution and leave it overnight. When morning comes, all that’s left to do is to brush it lightly with a soft toothbrush and you’re done. Doing this on a weekly basis should do.

Stay away from abrasive solutions

Chlorine, bleach, and toothpaste are considered abrasive to jewelry in which diamonds are no exception. Things become much worse when your diamond is mounted on delicate settings that can easily erode when submerged to these substances.

At times, you must leave it to professionals

Regular cleaning can keep the sparkle of your diamond. But over time, it’s unavoidable that dirt will tuck deep into the mounting. In that case, it’s better to bring your diamond to a professional jeweler. They have ultrasonic cleaners that do a better job at cleaning your precious stones without the risk of turning your diamond loose in its mounting.

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Angela Ros is working as a Marketing Executive at Investment Diamond Exchange. Investment Diamond Exchange is the internationally recognized diamond exchange company offering institutional and individual investors a liquid and price transparent market for certified diamonds and services for all kinds of diamond investment related activities.

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