Tips on Getting a Proper Tie Dimple

Joe McKendry

One of the biggest takeaways from this piece on getting a good tie dimple is to actually invest in a tie made from quality materials. Light or thin ties tend to fold rather than create that smooth dimple we're going for, making a great tie the best first step toward that perfect imperfection. This is a part of our style that shouldn't be ignored, guys, so read up.


A s a student I was once invited to a gallery opening, which provided me with a rare opportunity to wear a jacket and tie. As I dressed I took a moment to finesse my tie knot and proudly showed the resulting dimple to my girlfriend. She scoffed, and asked who cared about such things, but I was later vindicated when, at the gallery, an older woman complimented me on the fact that my tie bore a pleasing dimple. My affection for tie dimples, unlike my relationship with the girl, has persisted. Read More

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