Tips on the Wearing of Men's Pants


Pants are an oft-neglected aspect of menswear; most men just grab whatever is clean (or least dirty) from his dresser or closet and put the pants on without any regard to color or cut. However, a good pair of well-fitting pants could make an outfit shine, so pay attention below the waist, guys.


Can you explain how a pair of pants should fit? I have some that seem nice and fitted from about the knee down but have some bagginess up in the thigh and seat. It seems that no matter where I go they are all off. Some are just the opposite of what I described. I’m talking jeans, chinos, suit pants, etc.

The obvious solution here is a strict regimen of leg lunges complemented by daily Buns of Steel workouts. But, yeah, I suppose you could also just try to find pants that are tailored to fit your slimmer build. In terms of specific brands, try GANT (both main line and Rugger).  Read More

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