To Pink Out on Valentines Day or to Neutral, That is the Question.


Valentines day is just around the corner. What are you wearing? I am going for classic look with a modern twist. I love to combine classic couture pieces with a modern piece or two. Creating a timeless beauty that pulls styles form the past and marries them with the future. Nothing like a wedding on Valentines Day even if it's just your clothes. Check out my pieces for valentines day and share your thoughts.


I combined a a fun flashy sequin top with a plan strapless denim dress to create a new look! I paired it with a matching hot pink hand bag and shoes for a complete look. I am considering toning down the Pink Party with neutral classic pieces. Which pieces do you think I should use? Pink or Nuetural?


Ashley Crossman

I am a multi talented artistic Entrepreneur, Trainer, Designer, Experienced Speaker, Model, National title holder, and Marketing guru. I am always pointing my career towards public speaking and love to speak about my life and all the wonderful things that have come from it so far. Like the fact that I keep my hair half way through 6 months of chemotherapy. I account keeping my hair to the fact t...(Read More)

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