Incorporating the Latest Designs for Your Next Tattoo

Animals in Color is a much Demanded Design

The art of tattoo is counted among the oldest art forms. It may look like that most of the tattoo designs are in vogue-fashionable and trendy but tattoos also have a past, present and future. There are ones that are outdated and those that remain evergreen. And there is definitely the one that is made from the latest design. The designs for the tattoos of today mostly represent animals, flowers, gods, music, birds, famed structures and the like. Here is a list of today’s tattoo designs that this industry follows.

The Floral Design:

Mostly women and men at times prefer engraving flower based designed tattoos. Such floral designs satiate one’s need to display a combination of beauty and color through their tattoos. Youngsters are the seekers of such designs.

Animals for Display:

The trend that is growing fast and how is the use of animals in tattoos to symbolically represent things such as strength of a lion or tiger. There are many men who like to associate with animals to show off similarity in personality. Other animal designs that are commonly engraved include horse, zebra and dog which actually display the animal love of the recipients.

Musical Play:

There is not a single person on earth that does not love music. These days the best way to make an expression for this love is by etching it out on your skin. You can use your imagination to make music based designs. Musical instruments, notes and symbols rank among the top tattoo designs.

Using Dark as Theme:

One of the most popular subjects for tattoo is using demons and other devilish signs in the tattoo. This design is used mostly to represent the ‘dark side’ of things or something very dangerous. The ‘Gothic’ theme is very popular among young people under this theme.

Religious Tattoos:

Many people have strong religious beliefs and what better way to profess your faith than through engraving it on your skin. This is one of those evergreen designs for which there is never shortage of clients. The “Cross’ is the symbol most asked for by clients. It has an appeal, displaying your virtuous side and is always in vogue.

Theme “Nature”:

Nature is one of the popular themes that nature lovers use as their tattoo design. The elements used mainly include birds, the Sun, trees and other inspirations from the nature. If you feel connected to any of the gifts of nature, ink it on your skin permanently. Such themes are popular in the best tattoo shop in Phuket region of Thailand.

Abstract Thoughts:

This theme is favored by most of the clients and ranks well among the most advanced trends in tattoo design. Most of the clients look for abstract ideas as the base of the design, no matter what the top layers may include. Sometimes, this design type is also termed as customized design.


You can choose from any of the designs discussed in this writing as your tattoo design or you can make your very own design for the tattoo. Anyway, the bottom line is to catch the attention of everyone with your latest tattoo sensation.

Summary: Our lifestyle has changed rapidly in very little time. What was prohibited in earlier times is a craze among the public today. If you too want to get yourself a tattoo, a list of the latest designs is provided for you.

Author’s Bio: Tom Clark is a proficient writer who contributes regularly on tattoo and other personal lifestyle topics. This article talks about the popular tattoo designs and the best tattoo shop Phuket.

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