Top Five Nightclubs in New York City

New York Night Life club

New York City holds a host of wonderful and exciting things to do. The nightlife is especially lively and fun. Those who are seeking to find a fun and invigorating lounge New York is certainly is the place to be. There are more dance clubs to try out but some are rather disappointing. These are the 5 best clubs to enjoy a night of dancing, drinking and having a great time in NY.

LQ at the Radisson Hotel

People looking for the hottest New York lounge featuring Salsa dancing and Latin music need to look no farther than the LQ at the Radisson Hotel. LQ is decorated in a Latin theme complete with red and gold lighting effects to set the mood. The music is always great and the dance floor is a whopping fifteen thousand square feet which means there is plenty of room to accommodate the crowds that flock to LQ nightly.

Suite Nightclub

If you’re looking for a New York lounge that is truly high end and incredibly flashy, then the Suite Nightclub is perfect for you and your friends. This popular dance club will have you thinking that you walked onto the set for John Travolta’s famous movie, Saturday Night Fever. Between the many sparkling disco balls, flashing strobe lights and incredible music from the 70’s to present day, you’ll be boogying the night away on the sunken dance floor and having the time of your life!

Kiss & Fly

Kiss & Fly is the lounge New York socialites and jetsetters seemed to have commandeered as their late night playground. This trendy nightclub is decorated in the fashion of an old Roman Bathhouse. The sunken dance floor is surrounded by exquisite columns and that wrap around the floor. The ceiling is arched and boasts a reproduction of the one in the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. Kiss & Fly is truly a high end dance club so be sure to dress the part and have plenty of money to spend.


The most exclusive lounge New York has to offer is the sleekest and sexiest dance club around. It is truly a piece of art with exquisitely vaulted ceilings, high end pendant fixtures and of course, the most incredible disco chandelier that you could ever imagine. There’s a wishbone style, grand staircase that draws the guests into the VIP area. It can be very hard to get into Kiss & Fly so dress like a celebrity and act the part too so that you’ll have a better shot of gaining entrance into this exclusive dance club.


Those who really want to rub elbows with celebrities and socialites should make it a point to go to the New York lounge called Opera. You shouldn’t let the name scare you because this exclusive hip hop club has nothing to do with fat ladies singing. The music is loud and is played by some of the best DJs all over the US. Opera is the hottest night club for over the top music and dancing and mingling with the stars!

Gabrielle Murray is a freelance travel writer. She wrote this article for New York City Lounge XVI.


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