Top Luxury Hotels in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett Leela Vilas

Jim Corbett National Park- the perfect land forexploring wide numerical of vibrant species and where the majority of Tiger countscan be visualized. India’s first national park and perfect land for wildlife conservationunder tiger project invites multiple visitors at its lush surroundingsand of course illuminated with greater residing options. The hotels & resorts in Corbettespecially crafted for its valuable guests are the perfect reasons to make alongday stayfor the nature and wildlife lovers.

Some of the recommended explicit hotels andresortslocated at the major entry zones in Jim Corbett National Parkforavoucherstayare briefedas under.  Theseresortsare categorized into top luxury hotels in Corbett to maximize thepleasuresof wildlife tour along with the complements of sophisticatedofferings.

1.       Corbett Leela Villas

A paradise for nature lovers where nature isembedded so perfectly that impresses every oneright from the first day of their stay. Corbett Leela Villasis the place wheremultiple activities are always ready to entertain you with wholesomehospitality, crisp natural wind, plush facilities and mind blowing services. With 12 AC independent cottages in an area of 800 sq ft, the Leela Villasbringsprivate sit out, living room and a courtyard for an exotic ambience for thehoneymooners too. Thisluxury spot is hardly 4 kms away from the Ramnagar Railway Station for a mesmerizing natural yet luxurious stay at Corbett.

2.       Infinity Resort

Residing at the foothills of the Nainital hill station, the InfinityResortlays on the bank of River Kosi, owned and managed byKhatau International, a Dilip D.Khatau Group Company. The Infinity Resort brings thehigh standard of jungle accommodation at Corbett, which is unique in itself. Remindsone of the famous African lodges, Infinity Resort has a distinct outdooratmosphere with a typical jungle ambience. Fully stocked bar, multi-cuisine restaurantand professionally laid out conference hall are its specialties for an exoticstay at Corbett.

3.       Solluna Resort

Plush valleys of Merchula in Uttarakhandisreallyilluminated with the Solluna Resort that incorporatesthe beauty of the sun (Sol) as well as the moon (Luna) astheseare together visible at the same time at the dusk. Being located near theRamgangaRiver, the resort brings mesmerizing micro- climate for the gueststofeel the impressive encounter with nature as well as the wild lives. It is a group of 45 luxury cottages filled with impressive sophisticated amenities.

4.       Corbett Hideaway Resort

If you really want to feel the pure natural beauty amidst the contemporary eases, the Corbett Hideaway Resort is the perfect example for you. By stretching across 12 acres of flourished land amidst the colorful orchard and mango trees, the resort boasts 52 luxury resorts besides the famous Kosi River. The Corbett Hideaway is the perfect spot to experience the real wilderness and natural ambience around Corbett. So nature lovers, make a sure stay at this resort for the wonderful natural experience.

5.        Country Inn Treetops Resort

Most luxurious and eco-friendly resort in Jim Corbett National Park, the Country Inn Treetops Resort is the most bewildered choice for the wildlife lovers. The natural environment, serene beauty and the impressive proximity help the guests to completely dwell into the plush environment. The most eco-friendly environment with tranquil atmosphere brings the most nostalgic feeling for all. The resort is simply 15 kms away from Ramnagar and is an ideal spot to spend weekends both for the families or the enthusiastic troupes.  

Corbett Hideaway
Country Inn Treetops
Infinity Resort
Solluna Resort

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