Top Luxury Travel Trends For 2013

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Is your hectic work schedule starting to take over? Are you in need of a much deserved break? If you’re looking for an amazing way to spend your well-earned holiday then you should look no further than these ideas for luxury travel and holidays. These are the places to be and things to do in 2013, so if you don’t want to be left behind make sure you check out these ideas.

One of a Kind Experiences

Travel companies are beginning to offer bespoke packages with extras tailored to your interests to make a holiday unforgettable. Whether a private tour of a museum, one-to-one tennis, private yoga lessons or swimming with dolphins appeals to you, the best luxury travel companies will be able to organize this on top of your travel and accommodation.

Also, tours based around culture and history, many of which are being offered by the same companies, can be an excellent way to experience the country beyond the hotel. These options let you have a truly unique holiday experience rather than just retreading the same old routes and seeing the exact same things as everyone else.

New Adventures

A cruise may not be the obvious choice for thrill seekers, but with trips to some of the most remote and untouched corners of the world becoming available it may be time for a rethink. Want to trek the Antarctic and meet penguins? Now you can do that, and have a luxury cruise ship to retreat to later. A mix of adventure and comfort? Perfect. Look for things that most people would never consider, like climbing mountains that aren’t Everest, spending time working with children in deprived areas or otherwise doing something really different.

Foodie Paradise

Do you know your truffles from your tortellini? Is the world's best food your passion? Then book a break around one of the world's best restaurants. Denmark, Spain and Brazil are home to the restaurants voted to the top of many foodies polls and also make excellent holiday destinations.

Tables at Noma, El Cellar de Can Roca and Mugariz book up months in advance, but the experience is more than worth the wait. And what better motivation could there be to get through your sales tax audit defense? You can craft a whole holiday around visiting restaurants and famous dining areas. Just make sure you bring a roomy pair of pants!

Take time out from worrying about those sales tax audits with a luxury trip, following one of 2013's hottest travel trends. Whether you are looking for an adventure, the chance to learn something new or ultimate relaxation, luxury travel companies are here to cater to your every whim.

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