Top Tips For Looking Luxe After a Late Night!

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The one drink with workmates that turns into ten; the late night study sessions and those occasions where your bedtime book keeps you up until the early hours. Whether you’ve been burning the candle at both ends at the office; or dancing away into the night, those tell-tale signs of fatigue will have you feeling less than fresh. 

The morning after is often a struggle of bloodshot eyes and lagging motor functions, with your brain dragging behind feet that don’t seem to want to walk. If this sounds familiar to you, here are a few suggestions as to how you can put the spring back in your step.


Perhaps the most obvious idea of all! Sleeping through your body metabolising the worst of a night of over-indulgence can make all the difference. Rest really does allow your body time to recoup and regenerate itself, so catching a few extra z’s will make you look and feel better.

Try to keep those wild nights of happy hour cocktails or the office overtime to the days where you know you can have an uninterrupted lie-in the day after. Of course, if you have children this option is made infinitely more difficult – just spend the day hiding behind designer eyewear!

Coconut Water

Hydrating with water is important and is a no-brainer. You should try to drink around two litres to rehydrate your skin and brain after a rough night; fatigue and dehydration are very closely linked. Try coconut water in addition to dosing up on H2O. It’s full of natural electrolytes and won’t irritate the stomach like conventional energy drinks can.

It replaces fluid loss and is choc-full of amino acids, potassium and has anti-viral properties- perfect for fighting the flu if you’re run down.

Eye Drops

Bloodshot, weeping eyes are a dead giveaway that you haven’t had much sleep. Take down the redness with eye drops and keep a couple of damp teabags in the fridge for use an hour or so later to take down puffiness and redness. If you’re off to work and don’t want your boss to clock that you’re running on empty; use a light concealer under and around the eyes and use a white liner on your waterline.

Lukewarm Showers

The temptation is to run yourself a hot shower; but this can exacerbate puffiness. An increase in body temperate will only serve to enhance feelings of dehydration and make that headache worse.

Instead, coax yourself into a warm shower and replenish the moisture levels in parched skin with a soothing layer of cocoa butter. This will create a protective barrier between your skin and the outside world whilst helping your body to retain moisture.


Make preparations the night before to save you having to do it the day you wake up feeling delicate. Pick yourself one of your favourite outfits to wear, and set up your bedside table with a large bottle of water, a pack of facial wipes and a packet of chewing gum. Leave yourself a fruit salad in the fridge and keep your favourite designer sunglasses in an easy to find place should you need to leave the house whilst feeling light sensitive.

It also helps to top up an oil burner with citrus or bergamot oil to settle your senses and wake you up a bit with a stimulating scent.

Do you have any good suggestions for fighting the signs of a late night? Comment to share!

Image: quicheisinsane


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