Top trends in 2012 for home furniture

There is nothing more exciting than redecorating a room or searching for new furniture for a home. It is important to update ones house when an individual gets the chance to do so. After all, a home is the place in which people spend the majority of their time and thus it is something which needs to be welcoming, comfortable and trendy. If there are no updates to a room then it will become boring, uninspiring and people will not enjoy spending time in there.


A lot of people deter from decorating because of the expense associated with it. However, revitalising a room or rooms and adding some energy into it as mentioned earlier does not mean that everybody has to spend tons of money constantly re-decorating their entire house. In fact, merely changing one furniture piece can have a massive influence on the room in question. Clever planning and the clever picking of furniture or decorations can have a big impact for a small price.


When updating a home it is obviously important to keep in mind the latest trends. At the end of day, people want their house to appear sleek and stylish and knowing what is all the craze at present plays a big role in this. Thus, acknowledging that fact, this article will reveal the top trends for home furniture pieces in 2012 in order to give people a helping hand for when it comes to updating their home this year.


The first thing that obviously needs to be thought about when dealing with trends is what colour is the ‘in’ colour at present. With regards to furniture a tangerine option is a good selection to go for. After all, orange can give that added bit of energy that is desired from re-decorating. Moreover, orange is a colour which is associated with being cheerful and thus it is bound to give off a positive aura. The way in which orange is incorporated into a said room is obviously up to the person who owns the house; they can opt for anything from a slight sleek of orange paint or decorations to orange being the main element and component of the room. The great thing about orange is that despite its vibrant appearance it is a colour which can be well placed in absolutely any room.


In addition to this, when it comes to adding some excitement to a room this year one of the best options to go for is to incorporate patterns of some form. At present it seems popular to wallpaper merely one wall in the room with patterned wallpaper, such as a floral selection. However, if this is something which is not suited then patterned cushions or throws are also a fantastic idea.


A final trend worth noting is that in 2012 old is new as vintage runs riot. Playing around with vintage furniture, such as uniquely shaped arm chair, is a great way to not only add energy but tons of character to a room.


All in all, these are the top trends in home furniture for 2012, and they are certainly great ones to say the least!



Genelia Lopez is the author of this article. She is a multimedia journalist who writes about anything from fashion trends to home furniture pieces. In her spare time she likes shopping and going out for coffee with friends.

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