Touring Australia: Explore These Adventure Destinations And Money-Saving Tips

All you habitual adventurers out there if you're mulling an unadulterated adventure trip in the near future, consider visiting Australia this year. It'll be a perfect opportunity to leave your mundane life behind to be a part of the sea-crafted coastlines, huge stretches of deserts, and old rainforests. Indulge in a thrilling four-wheel drive on a beach, take a Harley to traverse the distance between Sydney and Melbourne or else soar high above the Canberra skies in a hot air balloon or navigate the powdered slopes. Here we're providing you with a rundown of the top adventure destinations in the country to dig your feet in. After browsing through the list, do take the trouble of acquainting yourself with a few money saving tips while traveling to Australia as well.

Top Adventure Destinations of Australia

Snuggled along the eastern coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef stretches from Cape York in the north to the Bundaberg in the south- thereby covering a total of 1,250 miles. Set your own camps, try out diving amidst around 600 islands, 3,000 coral reefs and 1,625 species of fish. The Cairns, making up for the northern end of the reef is a popular home accomodation for tourists. Cozying up to one of the secluded isles of the Reef by setting up camp is one of the best ways to soak in the true ambience of the place.

The Australian Alpine Track hike along the zenith of the Australian Alps across the four national parks and three states would require you to muster all your stamina for a thoroughly fruitful journey ahead. Gear up for a pulsating 65 km walk along the treacherous trail that extends from Walhalla in Victoria to Tharwa to the south of Canberra. Tame the jagged peaks of Kosciuszko National Park or else swing along the Bogong High Plains or the Baw Baw Plateau. The nearby camping grounds can be used as well.

Even one of the most populous and seemingly laid-back towns of Australia provides you ample scope for adventure. Sydney, the hassle-free seaside town, is a surfer's paradise and even a lazy stroll across the beach might find you amidst a host of surfers riding with the waves or else lazying on the sands. Add to that the impeccable urbane gloss of the fashion forward cosmopolitans and you would understand why your bucket list remains incomplete without Sydney in it.

Ways to Save Money While Traveling to Australia

Traveling to the country remains a pricey proposition if not planned properly. The costly airfares alone can eat up most of your budget. However, saving up wouldn't remain a daunting task if you're aware of a few tricks.

Timing your visit is one of the crucial steps to be taken in this regard. December to February remain the costliest period of touring the country. As you keep digging for bargains do check out the websites aimed at providing special deals on flights flying from the area you're residing in.

Consider hiring a luggage shipping service. With the help of a luggage delivery company you can secure a budget flight luggage for almost free and still tour with almost everything you need. There are some luggage delivery companies like Send My Bag or Luggage Delivery Company that help travelers to save some bucks that would otherwise have been spent on the excessive airline luggage charges. Find out if similar travel destinations are functioning in Australia as well or not.

Don't think of turning to the exchange counters for securing the exchange rates. Use credit cards or ATMs instead as, in that case, you would be exchanging money at interbank rates which are definitely better than what the bureaus charge.


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