Travel Philippines, the famous golden pearl farms of Jewelmer in Palawan.
By: Guy Louis Roger   |    President | Asiana Pearl Vision
April 5, 2012   |   0 Comments

Jacques Branellec Co-Founder of Jewelmer is the first producer of pearls in the Philippines.

The beautiful golden pearls of Palawan are produced by huge oysters; Jewelmer employs one thousand persons working within its seven pearl farms near El Nido Bay.

The company production is around 800.000 pearls a year, some of them can be sold up to 5000 US$.

Jacques Branellec is very concerned by the degradation of the environment and the pollution of the sea; in 2005 he created Save Palawan Seas Foundation.

This foundation envisions a better quality of life for all those who rely on the marine and aquatic resources of the province of Palawan.

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