Tulisa Opts for "Ghetto Geek" Look

Tulisa Contostavios' Ghetto Geek Look

Tulisa Contostavios/Instagram

I'm not altogether sure what's "ghetto" about this look, but Tulisa Contostavios' ongoing transformation has plenty of fans new and old getting excited. Combining tennis shoes with knee-high socks beneath a black skirt, Tulisa continued the ensemble with a white tank top and black-and-white jacket for a look that was as much sexy as it was stylish. Really, only the coke-bottle,over-sizedglasses were "geeky," and truth to be told, no one is looking at the glasses.


The 24-year-old star shared images on her Instagram page of her dressed up as a sexy geek, but she didn't exactly reveal why she was wearing knee-high socks and thick-rimmed glasses.


"There is a reason behind this outfit....what could it be? Hehe #ghettogeek" she captioned the first image with which showed her stood in her bedroom with one foot in the air.


Tulisa had highlighted her slender figure with a high-waisted black skirt, a tight white crop top and a baseball jacket as she pouted for the camera. (Read More)


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