Turn Heads With Brazilian Style From Rio Fashion Week

Latin American is known for its “hot” culture. From flavorful menu items to women sporting a trademark Brazilian butt, everything south of the equator is just a little bit spicier. This includes a topic that not many think about, which is fashion.

When people think of fashion, they often think Paris, Milan, or New York. Rio de Janeiro, however, is home to some of the hottest styles in the world. Their Fashion Week gets just as much attention as the other cities known for hosting such events.

You Don’t Need to Visit Rio to Enjoy Brazilian Style

As the mom of two young children, I would love to go to Rio Fashion Week. It just isn’t an option. The last thing these moguls of the fashion industry want to see is me chasing a toddler down the runway while dressed in yoga pants and a faded t-shirt.

However I do enjoy virtually attending via photo albums and videos online during my kids’ naptimes. I can order knockoffs of new trends online, creating similar looks for a portion of the price. Here are some of my favorite trends from this year’s Fashion Week.

Color blocking - Herchcovitch Alexandre offers fashionable yet comfortable style in dressed-up casualwear. I love the color blocked t-shirts that use dark colors and strategic angles that slim the torso.

Monochrome Paisley – Paisley is making a comeback, but forget the bright colors. Victor Dzenk introduced a pale gray suit jacket for men that features a paisley print in various monochromatic hues.

Layered Textures – This trick can add pleasing results to an otherwise mundane ensemble. Taiana Miotto achieves this by layering chunky knit scarves over wool capes with a houndstooth print.

Stripes – Brazilian label Espaço Fashion introduced a superfluity of stripes in their Fall/Winter collection. One dress paired wide black and narrow white stripes horizontally, while a casual jacket featured diagonal stripes in autumn hues.

Bold Reds – Andrea Marque’s runway show brought a lot of color to the catwalk. Many of her designs paired varying shades of bold red with hints of black or white to break up the monochromatic tone. The result was stunning.

Just because the model on the runway looks stunning does not mean you cannot achieve those same looks. When trying to copy a look, take note of the colors, patterns and shapes. Then look for clothes that match to create a similar ensemble.

Where to Find Rio Looks for Less

Once I knew what look I wanted, finding the items was another matter. While I was able to find some pieces online, I was also able to mix and match items I currently owned as well as vintage clothing from thrift and other second-hand stores.

Although I won’t be attending Rio Fashion Week any time soon, it won’t stop me from copying that spicy Brazilian style that I love so much. When my husband and I venture out for date night, he’s proud to have a wife that turns heads wherever we go.

About the Author:

Sophie Evans lives near Balboa Beach, CA with her husband and their two young children. She often visits sites like to keep up with the latest trends from Brazil. When she isn't working she enjoys ducking out to Starbucks for a caffeine fix, or planning her family's next Disneyland vacation.

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