Turning A Height Disadvantage Into A Fashion Opportunity
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July 11, 2013   |   0 Comments


The world of fashion is unquestionably a world of the tall and has been almost for centuries. Thankfully, through, just because the fashion industry is focused on the very top, there are plenty of sensible fashion opportunities for the vertically challenged, including an impressively chic pair of pants from Urban Outfitters. They're meant for a taller crowd, but worn right, they'll become a totally new look on someone just a few inches smaller.

I’m 5’2,” which means what the rest of the world calls a “cropped” or “ankle-length” jean is simply a correctly-fitting jean for me, if not still a bit long. But what if I want to sport a cropped pant look? Are there cropped pants for cropped people? Turns out there are.


These have a miniscule 26.5″ inseam–which means they’re practically a capri pant on normal-sized people, but on me they’re the perfect cropped, ankle-grazing length. (Read More)

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