Twitter Releases Redesigned Mobile Apps

Looking to keep more of its users attached directly to the website itself, Twitter has been working toward a more central and less API-driven website. While some people might feel like this is a sign of corporate greed, it actually seems to make the site and mobile apps more user-friendly, allowing them to tweet to their heart’s content without having to access multiple apps or computer programs.


With the "mobile first" strategy it unveiled today, Twitter achieved two key goals: creating a look and feel that more than ever resembles Facebook's, and asserting new dominance over users' Twitter experience.

On the surface, the announcements of new Twitter profiles, common across all devices and operating systems and top-heavy with a single cover photo, as well as a new photo stream, and an all-new iPad app, are essentially incremental moves, albeit ones that streamline users' mobile experiences. Continue Reading

D. McMillin

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