Undiscovered Amalfi Coast - hidden gems in Italy's summertime getaway

Positano Bougainvillea

Le Sirenuse Positano

Visions of the Amalfi coast in Italy summon up cliffside multi-hued houses, winding roads amid picturesque mountains, and sparkling blue and silver waters. Along the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find the charming resort towns of Sorrento and Positano. Moreover, just a short yacht ride away lays the magical island of Capri. Scattered throughout the Southern Italy coastline, hidden gems await to delight your senses. For an authentic travel experience, wander off the beaten path for an undiscovered Amalfi Italian journey.

The southern Italian coastline is known for its abundance of citrus and fragrant, colorful bougainvillea flowering vines draped over archways. Discover the secrets of an Italian specialty drink, Limoncello, with a behind the scenes tour of a famous Limoncello factory. Just like certain wine regions in France, Limoncello is best made with lemons from the Sorrento and Capri areas. Made from the infusion of lemon peel in pure alcohol, Limoncello is usually enjoyed ice-cold at the end of a meal.

What would a visit to Italy be without indulging in the food? Amalfi Coast dishes rely on the extensive volcanic soil fed produce such as tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, lemons, oranges and the abundant seafood. This area is also the largest producer of spaghetti and Spaghetti all puttanesca is a popular regional dish. Learn how to cook the regions specialties with a private cooking course with an authentic Italian Mamma. Held in a state of the art outdoor kitchen in beautiful Ravello, you will cook with freshly picked natural ingredients in traditional delicious antipasti, breads as well as mouth-watering cakes and marmalades.

While many history buffs clamor to see the Roman Ruins, Pompeii offers a city frozen in time thanks to the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The extensive and varied Pompeii ruins depict theaters, roman thermal baths, shops and lavish dwellings that are incredibly well preserved. While this is a popular tourist destination in the region, plan ahead for your visit as tours and allowances into the archaeological sites are limited. Private tours range from four to eight hours. Speak to your travel advisor about securing the right one for you.

The island of Capri, sits about 3 miles off the Amalfi Coast in the Bay of Naples. Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, in Capri is a hidden gem of a sea cave. Because of the light reflection, the cave’s waters sparkle and shine a bright bold blue color. The surreal view inside the gives the impression of navigating through a clear sky. The Blue Grotto has been popular since Roman times and tours are possible nearly any time of the year. The impressive acoustics inside the boat are perfect for a song, and if your boatman doesn’t sing to you, sing one yourself!

Once you’ve explored the depths of the caves, head to the highest point of Capri at Monte Solaro, which is accessible by walking without too much difficulty. Once there, views of the Faraglioni, the dramatic cliffs, and miles of Mediterranean blue sea will reward your efforts.

No matter where you wander along the Amalfi Coast, know that you will enjoy warm sunshine, friendly people, colorful vistas and an easy relaxing pace. What more could you want from your vacation?

Le Sirenuse Positano

The bounty of lLemons
Palazzo Sasso


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