Unique Golden Triangle Tour Packages

Golden Triangle India

India is an exceptionally beautiful land which constitutes some of the most beautiful places on earth. It is one of the most unique countries on earth that inhabits most distinctive features which the tourists love to explore. India exceptionally houses almost everything which tourists seeks and travels to distant parts of the world. It is an extensively diverse nation which carries myriads of vivid features within its territory. No matter what you are looking for during your vacations, whether it’s the cultural, natural or historical beauty, India has it all to attract traveler from all over the globe. There are various aspects and destinations which make India the most sort after country in the world. The alluring beauty of this incredible country is beyond description and to experience all of it at once would never be possible. Therefore to make it easy for the tourists to get the real essence of India we endow them the golden triangle. 

Golden Triangle India is the combination of three most prominent and beautiful cities of this Indian subcontinent. Golden triangle is situated in north India. It has been christened as ‘golden triangle’ because the three golden cities of India elegantly design a triangle on the map of this enchanting country. The three destinations which the Golden triangle of India constitutes are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Golden triangle of India is the best destination to get the real essence of India, its culture, its history as well as the artistic beauty. With these three cities you’ll get some of the most dominant aspects of India which contributes in making this cultural land the most sought after destination of the world. Golden triangle gives you a lot during you holidays - the vibrant features, the essence of culturally rich India, the glorious legends behind the emergence of these three cities as well as the alluring charm of the three destinations.

Further I would like to tell you why these three destinations have been chosen as the Golden triangle. Delhi is the national capital of India and acknowledged as mini India. It exclusively gives a brief introduction to the whole nation. Delhi exceptionally houses two contradicting worlds through which it is considered as a unique paradox. The two contrasting aspects of this national capital are the ancient and the contemporary. It has been exquisitely divided into two regions that gracefully depict these two contrary worlds- the New Delhi for the contemporary and the old Delhi for the ancient.  Both are equally beautiful and showcase their own distinctive features which allure the visitors. Agra is another city of India which is world known for its cultural significance. Predominantly, Agra besides its culture is widely acclaimed for housing the one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal. Jaipur is the last destination but is certainly not the least because it is the city of royal Indian heritage. Jaipur is an abode of mesmerizing architectural wonders and let you have the glorious history of India. You can get all of this with our exclusive golden triangle tour package. So come and get the bursting glory of the golden triangle of India with our Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

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