Student living at home? Here’s how to turn your garage into a study area

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and thousands of students all over the country are getting ready to leave the summer behind and return to education.

Whether you are a student at school or have gone onto higher education at a university, you may be living at home while studying. Many students choose to live at home if they go to a university in their home town as it can be very cost-effective and help avoid large student debts. Living at home can also help students feel more relaxed about entering a degree as they are studying in a familiar place.

Though some students choose to work in their bedrooms, many find it a distraction, with TVs and game consoles becoming too tempting to ignore! Sometimes concentration can be aided by having a designated study area separate from where students sleep and relax. Many students like to study in a library, but this is not ideal as it is not fully flexible, or comfortable. Back in the home, most houses do not have enough rooms to convert one into a study space. An important factor that affects studying is noise, so a quiet room without distractions is the ideal kind of study space. So how can you create the perfect home study area? Converting your garage could be the answer.

Converting a garage is a simple and effective way of adding space to your home, and once the garage has been converted into an extra room, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Once education has ended, a study area can easily be converted into a home office, a spare bedroom, a den, a gym or even a games room – the list is as long as your imagination.

Many garages are full of old toys, boxes, and other miscellaneous items simply because the space is not being used for anything else. Today many people park their cars outside and garages become nothing more than a storage space. By throwing out anything that is no longer needed and storing objects in cupboards or the attic, many people will find their garage is ready for conversion. As an added bonus, a converted garage will add value to your property.

To create an effective study area, here are some tips found from to make the most out of your new space.

·         Make sure the study area is comfortable. Your desk should be a good height, with the base parallel to your chest/ribcage. You should also ensure your computer or laptop is about a foot away from your eyes to avoid strain and a comfortable chair that offers support will reduce risk of injury.

·         A plant or two will brighten up the space. Recent studies have shown that people work better when they can see green plants, as they serve as a positive distraction that actually increases productivity.

·         Good lighting will look after your eyes and keep you awake – vital for those all-nighters!

·         Stocking your space with all the materials you need is not only convenient but a time saver. Spending ten minutes looking for a pen does not aid productivity.

·         A bookcase displaying your books will inspire and aid creativity, and ensure the space looks clean and tidy.

By making sure the other people you live with understand that the garage is now your study area you will have an uninterrupted personal area dedicated to study and work.

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