Using Shabby Chic Style to Create a Centrepiece for Your Room


It’s important when decorating and furnishing your home to have a focal point in which the eye is drawn to. This doesn’t just have to be in the room in general, it could be in the middle of your dining room table or on a mantelpiece for example. You could even be planning a DIY centrepiece for a wedding.

Shabby chic furniture is all the rage these days, and it is actually one of these easiest styles to create yourself and add to your home. If you have style and creative flair, then you will have no problem drawing the eyes of others straight to your beautiful new centre piece.

If you have a large sitting room, then you could make the coffee table the centrepiece of your room. If you have a wooden coffee table already, then you could simply whitewash it and sand down the edges in order to give it a shabby chic finish. Alternatively, you could always pick up an old table at a flea market or car boot sale and try a few different vintage styles to see what suits your room best.

For the dining room, painting your whole table to give it a shabby chic edge could just be a step too far. But there is no reason why you can’t create a nice shabby chic centrepiece to brighten it up and add a funky edge. Shabby chic usually envelopes colours that are pale and neutral, so try and stick to more pastel shades.

The first thing you could choose is a vase with an arrangement of flowers or foliage to keep your table feeling natural and fresh. If you are more of a candle person, then either decorate the candle itself with decorative materials and ribbons or create a nice candle holder using a small box or unused bowl you have lying around.

If you are looking for a more one off centrepiece, then there are tonnes of different options to choose from. If you are quite quirky and like your style to stand out, then you could get something fun like a birdcage to hang in the corner of your room and decorate it with lights and ribbons. You will find a great range of shabby chic furniture and home accessories from Sylvester Oxford.

If something more subtle is your thing, then the easiest thing to do is to use shabby chic picture frames and mirrors. You could buy these in many different places, but as mentioned before, it is just as easy to create your own with a splash of whitewash and the occasional sanding. The relaxing tones of your shabby chic theme will really help create a comforting, homely room.

You could of course go for a more fabric or colour themed approach for your room’s focal point. Choose pastel coloured curtains or whitewashed walls to give your room an instant shabby chic feel.

Having a centrepiece really helps focus the theme of your room. Even if it is something small, other areas of the room can work with initial theme and really give your home a stylish edge.



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